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Our Team

Brian Montgomery


Employed by isand carpet since 2002. Took over as owner in 2015. Extensive knowledge of flooring and eye for design. Trained by the original 2 owners of Island Carpets.

Steve Montgomery

General Manager

Steve brings over 10 years experience in the construction industry, working as a carpenter and as a sales rep for an architectual hardware company.

He'll guide you through the process of choosing the correct flooring product to scheduling the installation. Professional and knowledgable, Steve will provide you with an outstanding customer experience, ensuring your florring project is completed on time and on budget.

Arden Lau

Account Manager

Arden has 41 years of flooring experience. He graduated in 1978 from High Diploma of Textile Technology (HKTC). In 1978-1990 he worked at Taiping wool carpet manufacturing. 1990-1994 at Danburg carpet sales and since 1994 he has been working at island carpet sales.

Arden Lau speaks fluent English and Cantonese

John Gillespie

Account Manager

Has been working in the construction industry for over the 10 and a half years, mostly in a project type environment and now working with Island Carpets on flooring projects. The friendly and professional team at island carpets was what brought John to work here. The switch from project management to managing flooring projects was an easy transition for John as it needed similar skills. John is a charismatic professional who will gladly assist with your project needs.

Dhyllon Sandness

Account Manager

Dhyllon possesses extensive experience excuting the dressing of movie sets in Vancouver's busy firm industry. He brings with him an eye for design, construction know-how and a drive to see a project through to completion. Dhyllon will diligently attend to his clients needs with a focus on accuracy, quality and efficiency. Dhyllon says that a client is a friend that he just hasn't met yet.

Come ask him about his urban chickens!

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